Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rollin' on the Big Slab

Ah yes, Talladega. Can anything possibly top the wild finish of what happened back in the Spring? Well, I’m sure Carl Edwards for one is certainly hoping things end up being a bit more down to earth (so to speak). And I just get the feeling that Brad Keselowski is still saying to any reporters that will listen, “They said don’t go below the yellow line, they said don’t go below the yellow line.”

This race is great for sending us a surprise winner, and so who will it be this weekend? Hmmm I’m glad you asked, because as it just so happens I’ve got a few thoughts and theories on some teams that might be ready to shock the Sprint Cup world … well, maybe “shock the world” is too strong, how about “make the people say wow”. Yeah, that’s more like it. Wow.

#47 Marcos Ambrose. I just have this theory that road course racers seem to find a home on the high banking and in the drafting packs we get at Talladega. Now mind you, this is still only a theory, but I’ll be closely watching Sprint Cup’s Oz connection to see how he backs up his great performance on this track in the Spring.

#26 Jamie McMurray. If memory serves me right Jamie Mac did a grand total of about 6 laps back in the Spring race, and one of my many other theories is that if a driver absolutely tanks in the Spring Dega race then he’s automatically primed for a breakout in the Fall Dega race. When Talladega taketh away, Talladega may giveth back. Just so you know I have many many theories regarding motorsports, and a few of them even make sense. Sometimes. Anyways, the 26 has shown good skills on the super speedways in the past and with the rough sailing he’s had at Roush lately he’s got that sentimental edge too.

#29 Kevin Harvick. This nightmare has to end eventually, doesn’t it? Oh what better way to salvage a lost season than a win on the Big Slab! My boy Harvick can drive, no doubts there but if luck is a deciding factor then I’ve got to believe the 29 team are due a few major breaks from the Racing Gods. I mean seriously the black cloud following the entire RCR operation has to dissipate sometime, so why not have some sunshine for the 29 from the autumn skies of Alabama. Although Happy might be so shocked he forgets how to find his way to Victory Lane. Aw that’s okay, I'm sure someone will have directions.

#88 Dale Earnhardt Jr. If there’s a place that the masses of Junior Nation could see their boy take the checkers it’s gotta be Talladega. Just has to be. It nearly happened in the Spring, and I have a theory that the 88 will be close again in the Fall. Of course it won’t be without some drama and serious controversy, so a rain shortened race or a fuel mileage race or a photo-finish are all very real possibilities. If he can avoid the inevitable Big One (or series of Big Ones) then the 88 will definitely be a player … but then again that could be said for just about everybody at Talladega.

For those that are keeping score out there, the above four drivers will comprise my Fantasy League team for Talladega, because if I’m going to test these Nascar theories then KLV’s Nascar Nuts is just the perfect place. (That and the fact that I’ve pretty much used up most of the top drivers in the league already so now I’m basically scrambling to make my picks down the stretch)


  1. Hey Brad -- Thanks for giving me your fantasy team lineup. Being in OZ myself for the past 2 weeks I have been afraid to look at where I stand. I had to go with drivers I hadnt used - Kahne, get the picture! LOL

    Cupcake and Jr would be my pick of your list to win it...but not holding my breath. According to the stats, Kurt is the best restrictor plate driver right now without a win and this could very well be the last time that team in intact this year...

  2. kv I noticed you had been on a bit of a slide in the fantasy league, so that explains what happened. Australia is definitely somewhere I want to visit eventually. What places did you get to see? I assume you were in Sydney?

    Sticking with our Oz theme here, I just have this feeling that Ambrose can win this thing ... and with Talladega anything can happen.

  3. if Ambrose wins, you will hear my cheer (belatedly most likely given I'm not home this weekend, lol) from here :D

  4. Tez, I thought Marcos had a very good chance and he ran up front with a reasonably fast car ... but then came the bad luck. I think the 47 eventually finished in about 34th (or something like that) with a mashed up front end. Same thing for Harvick, he (like Ambrose) got caught up in the wreck that sent Newman flipping onto his head.

    On the bright side, Jamie Mac came through for the win and Dale Jr finished around 11th so my Fantasy League score wasn't a complete disaster.